Saturday, December 20, 2008

Logan’s Run (1976 film version) Logan’s Run is a science-fiction film depicting a dystopian society where people cannot lawfully advance past the age of thirty. As one approaches his thirtieth year, he prepares to be reborn through a mysterious process called “Carousel.” The protagonist, Logan, discovers that this renewal process is really a farce to keep citizens complacent. When it is his time for “renewal” (indicated by a red blinking light in his left palm), he escapes into the wilderness where he finds an elderly man—the proof he needs to expose the lie that has allowed thousands to unwittingly line-up for their own deaths.

The film and the source novel are quite different, though both address the similar themes of youth culture, hedonism, and society’s attitude toward the elderly.

Several member of the WNYX personnel are hovering around the thirty-mark, and as with most people, this age signifies a period of self-evaluation and a full commitment to adulthood. Dave Nelson, who begins his tenure as new director at 29, calls Logan's Run his favorite movie (Episode 22, "Zoso"). Strangely enough, the young-looking Nelson does not experience any hang-ups about his advancing age, while both Lisa Miller and Matthew Brock go through moments of crisis regarding their thirtieth year. ["Look Who's Talking", "Zoso"]

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